You are not used, you now have more wisdom to give.
You were not stupid, your heart simply needed to live.

Redheaded Sociopath

There’s a redheaded sociopath in my brain
But with my power he’s easily tamed
All my transgressors he’d prefer to maim
There’s a redheaded sociopath in my brain

There’s a redheaded sociopath in my head
No telling whom he’s left for dead
Yet, a talented lover with gentle tread
Oh this sociopath that I’ve wed

The Cliff

One sunrise I climbed a cliff
And everywhere were spiders
But then I got to the top
Sat on the edge of a rock
And watched brown-feathered gliders

The trip took longer than planned
It made me think about life
And how all of the best things
Are always opposite strife

Thus it behooves one to learn to suffer
And keep on carrying on
Because it’s a necessary tactic
To be remembered when you’re gone

What Would Life be if You Were Here?

You’re gone and I’m still here to stare
Out the window, emotions bare
Our shared connections in the air

A memory now is all you are
As I sit crying in the car
Promised that you’re never far