The Author

Katherine V Kimball

We are more than we seem

“Perhaps if we pour out our hearts, we can heal the world or mend a small part.”

Katherine V Kimball believes life is too short for small talk. She aims to write honest pieces that create authentic and raw connections.

As a trauma and abuse survivor she has undertaken a journey on the long road of healing, and wishes to help others struggling to get better.

She uses poetry and art as mediums for growth while taking inspiration from her world travel.

Katherine grew up in College Station, Texas and attended Texas A&M University. She holds two degrees in Economics and English and is a TEFL certified ESL teacher.

Her hobbies include ballroom dancing, hiking and mountain climbing, trips to the gym, and binging Netflix.

Devoted bibliophile and foodie, Kimball’s life-long love of books inspired her to become a writer.

Her favorite foods include Mexican tacos (lengua, barbacoa, y pastor) and lamb gyros smothered in tzatziki or baba ghanoush.

Anything French is also to be adored.