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Brain Power and Spoon Bending

A new study at Carnegie-Mellon found that basic meditation training increased peoples’ ability to use a Brain-computer Interface(CBI). Basic knowledge of meditation gave people better control over the energy waves in their brain. Which gave them better control over the computer program in the study. This gives further clout to the growing body of research…

3 Anxiety Triggers and How to Talk Yourself Through Them

Learning to coach yourself through your own anxiety is an invaluable tool for mental health. When you know what’s causing the problem it’s easier to treat, so start by identifying your triggers. My anxiety is usually triggered by 3 things. The current situation I’m in has similar elements to a traumatic or painful memory from…

Suddenly You Feel Anxious: 4 Methods for Coping When Anxiety Strikes

Sometimes our bodies send up red flags unnecessarily. These flags can trigger mild to severe anxiety attacks, especially now amidst the COVID19 pandemic and the looming presidential election. Anxiety triggers for me include doctor’s offices and hospitals. I’ve had traumatic experiences in both places. In the past when I went to a doctor’s office, even…